Alcoholism And Its Side Effects

Losing self-control is something that happens at the very first beginning with the rise of craving and desire for alcohol. This rise continues to excessive and uncontrolled behavior which affects many things in addict’s life. It is not only individual unfortunately who experiences these affects but also the loved ones in their surroundings. Nothing remains the same ever again, and many people even do not realize they have a problem.

Alcoholism is a disease which requires special treatment and brings specific withdrawal symptoms which can be even life-threatening. This is extremely true when we have people who are not mentally stable and can think of alcoholism as a problem which cannot be solved.

Health problems

Health-problemsPeople who consume an excessive amount of alcohol and in the long term are in great danger of developing great dangers in the physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual way. Alcoholism can cause serious and irreversible damage to critical organs and body systems such as liver, stomach, heart, brain and nervous system. Also, common medical side effects include cancer, stomach problems, sexual problems, osteoporosis or high blood pressure. This risk is unfortunately increased when the person stops drinking from developing withdrawal symptoms. It is important to mention there is a great danger of alcohol on unborn children where fetus suffers behavioral and physical abnormalities.

Social and mental aspects

Mental-aspectsSocial effects show in the way of withdrawal from friends and family. As for negative effects on the family members, especially children, there is also the great negative effect on love relationships or relations in work environment. Loss of job is often the result at the end of this lonely struggle.

Mental effects may vary from person to person depending on the amount and how long is somebody drinking. Heavy drinkers usually experience the feeling of hallucinations, paranoia, and insomnia. Depression is also something which starts to appear also in sober as in drinking moments of the person. Anxiety, personality changes, compulsive behavior, aggressive behavior are just some of many drinking disorders and side effect which require special medical care and treatment.