AA Meetings Specific Types

The fact with the meeting is that an alcoholic is never forced to anything and it is completely voluntary to step in when the addict decides to step in and ask for help. This fact sets apart AA away from other rehabilitation movements. Also, a decision is made personally about what type of meeting somebody will attend. Today there are few types available but is necessary at the beginning to know the difference between open and closed meetings.

A-closed-meetingA closed meeting is a meeting where only people who consider them alcoholics may attend. Friends and family are not allowed. Even people who still didn’t clear the fact about being alcoholic are not excepted.

Open meetings are those which allow presence to everybody, no matter if you do or do not know if you have a problem with alcohol. It is open to the general public.

Speaker meetings may have one or few speakers who get up in the front of the room and talk about their problem. These are everywhere and are easiest to find. This speaker may get in discussion with other people in the room or if there is no need just end the meeting when he finishes his speech.

Step series, these are well known 12 step programs. The client is going through course of twelve weeks sharing his experience with each step. It is a knowledge of expectation, and a better understanding of their situation clients find when going through those steps and it has shown as a very successful method for helping people.

Meditation meetings, these may find a person a little uncomfortable at the beginning because of the quiet phases of the meetings. This meditation portion lasts about 10 minutes, and anybody can join to participate.

Men-Women-meetingsMen’s/Women’s meetings purpose was not to exclude gender by dividing, just opposite, some people just feel more comfortable with people of the same sex, and it provided the help they needed in a safe space.

Topic discussion meeting has shown a great way to open up the people which couldn’t start talking about their problem and are very nervous about entering the meeting. Here a chairperson introduces everybody to a topic which will be discussed at a meeting, and by sharing about it, people start to pen themselves.

Literature/Big Book meetings focus on the specific text of the Big Book for these meetings. Usually, everybody gets its copy and is allowed to make personal notations and share their statements about it.